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Catering -"The Crib Hut"

LAV’s own “Crib Hut” is a brand new state-of-the-art facility. We have a team of experienced chefs on hand that allow us to create and deliver meals that are the envy of the industry.

We operate a five-week cyclic menu to ensure our guests have the ability to access a wide variety and styles of food. Quality of product along with the ability to procure produce on a cycle that ensures freshness is a governing part of our purchasing. We support a buy local philosophy whenever it meets all other quality catering criteria.

The Crib Hut" Floorplan

Healthy Eating Objectives

LAV uses modern and fresh techniques in food production and presentation to provide our guests with healthy, nutritious and great tasting menus at “The Crib Hut.”

Our objective is based on providing an informative and exciting menu of food which will be presented and delivered to the highest standards using fresh produce to create a variety of choices for our guests. The concept includes a structured and educational approach to healthy eating and general well being for our guests.

LAV is committed to providing our guests with healthy choices at every meal service every day. We understand the importance of our guest’s health and well-being and we are keen to assist our client by providing a range of information to support the food prepared and presented by our chefs.

The success of this concept is dependent on a consistent approach to the production and presentation of our five week cyclic menu and following the specifications of each dish as outlined in the recipe and menu.

Compliance to the concept and its approaches will maintain a consistent level of performance that can be measured

to an auditable level. A vibrant look to the restaurant and a recognisable standard to the dining experience also assists in achieving our objectives.

This enables our guests to readily recognize our food service delivery and be impressed by the standard of the menu and quality of the food and the way in which it is presented.

Our healthy eating objectives within the Crib Hut are actively promoted and implemented.

The meals at LAV is by far the best compared to any other village I have stayed. Keep up the good work Chefs.

Ryan Rosenburg