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Wellness and Nutrition

Leichhardt Accommodation Village is committed to partnering with our clients and guests to ensure everyone can achieve wellness and nutrition while staying with us.

We are proud to offer services that assist in:

  • Improving work performance and productivity

Reducing absenteeism and sick leave and decreasing frequency and costs of worker’s compensation:

  • Improving employee morale, satisfaction and motivation
  • Improving corporate image and attraction/retention of employees
  • Increasing return on training and development investment
  • Improving employee engagement and relationships
  • Increasing health awareness and knowledge
  • Increasing physical health and mental wellbeing
  • Increasing job satisfaction and overall living a healthier lifestyle

A stay at Leichhardt Accommodation Village (LAV) will focus on your wellbeing. Firstly we cater for quiet areas and rooms for those working night shift. By providing comfortable, hygienic and clean rooms, we enable our clients to get a good nights sleep. You can also access all medical related facilities at your convenience in town.

Move Well

At LAV with its central location, it is easy to have a good variety of exercise and leisure options.

On site we have Snap Fitness 24/7 that offers a fully equipped gym, a variety of classes and techiques to keep you fit and healthy as well as personal trainers that can offer tailor made programs and offer support and advice to keep you on the right track.

We are also in walking distance to the Moranbah sporting fields, swimming pool, squash courts or local hall that offers Karate lessons.

If you don’t feel like that, then take a leisurely stroll around the local town square.

Eat Well

“The Crib Hut” has a daily objective to provide healthy eating options. Our friendly staff can guide guests with regard to choices available and are constantly sourcing quality fresh produce and innovative nutrition options.

Connect Well

Staying at Leichhardt Accommodation Village enables guests to readily connect with each other and the local community. The ability to access social / retail and sporting facilities from LAV makes the experience that much

More Enjoyable.

Ask us about BBQ nights and BBQ packs for your group – this is a great way of bringing people together in a casual setting.

Stay Well

At Leichhardt Accommodation Village we care for your well-being. With on-site Village Management, your security and safety is top of mind. Our comfortable rooms are single level structures spread throughout the Village and allows everyone to get a good night sleep. We also cater for quiet areas as well as those who are on night shift. Our convenient location also means quick access to all medical related facilities.